Tofu Girl Mod Apk Download (Free Shoping+Unlock Purchase) For Android

Tofu Girl Mod Apk

Tofu Girl MOD APK

Tofu Girl Apk is an amusing action game from JoyPac producer. This is a free game for Android and iPhone phones. In the game, the players’ task is observing the real-time machine where the tofu appears. After that, you have to drop the character into the center of the tofu and try to make the tofu stack as high as possible. This game will be beautiful when you try to collect pieces of tofu with unique shapes. Please join us to check the game right now!

Introduction To Tofu Girl Apk

Tofu Girl Apk, players need to move their fingers to control the character and drop them on the tofu. The game will run at a new pace which will gradually increase over time. It will challenge the players in handling and aligning the time. If you jump at the right time, tofu will fit each other. Besides, players have to try to make as many gold coins as possible. After that, you can use them to buy tofu in the tofu shop or unlock characters. When you achieve specific achievements, you can also unlock more unique tofu pieces with new shapes. Collecting items will give players an exciting experience.

If the timing is not correct or you jump slowly, you will get hit by a piece of tofu. At this point, you have to replay the game from the beginning or watch ads to continue that screen. Moreover, after reaching the milestones, the game system will send you a random outfit. At each level, the accumulated points will be used to buy costumes at the in-game store. Each subsequent purchase will cost more gold than the previous one.

To see all the costumes you have already collected in the game, you can press the dress icon to see the detail. Tofu Girl’s tofu icon can also be changed if you reach the required milestones or can view the ad to open.

Features Of Tofu Girl Apk

Love ability at your fingertip

Tap or click to start. Help the cheery Girl to climb the tower of lusciously bouncy tofu trampolines.

Addictive gameplay

Relax in the lively music and immerse yourself in the non-stop loop of tofu jumping! Try perfecting each jump to release the acrobatic genius hidden inside the Tofu Girl Game!

Unlock more than Sixty skins!

Fancy new clothes for your tofu or Girl? Collect as much gold and coins as you can by making perfect jumps and completing your collection!

Miscellaneous Features

  • Tofu Girl Game Bug Fix
  • Add New Level
  • Update All features
  • Fully Fixed

Tofu Girl Apk

Tofu Girl Apk is developed by Joey Pac, a publisher not so prominent on Google Play. If you don’t know them, they include teams of talented developers from all over the world. Currently, he has four offices in Denmark, China, Japan, and the Netherlands.

Tofu Girl Apk Download & Install Guide

  • Click on the download button to download Tofu Girl Apk
  • After download click on Tofu Girl Download Apk file for installation
  • Now Wait some time for installation
  • Enjoy the game

Tofu Girl Mod Apk

While in Tofu Girl Mod Apk you will have to touch the screen for the Girl to jump on the tofu, as mentioned above. Besides, gamers have to choose the right time to jump so that the character can land in the center of the tofu. The more accurately you jump, the stronger the tofu column will be.

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Features Of Tofu Girl Mod Apk

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Coins
  • (Unlocked All)
  • No Ads

FAQ’s About Tofu Girl Apk

Can children play the Monster Killer game?

Yes, it is safe for children of any age group to play the Tofu Girl MOde.

Is Tofu Girl Mode free to play and download?

Yes, Tofu Girl Game is a 100% free game. So with this, you don’t have to worry about this issue.

Is Tofu Girl Game is a safe game to play?

Yes, Tofu Girl Apk is a safe game to play and download simultaneously. It is free from viruses and any malware, Trojan, etc.

Steps To Install Tofu Girl Apk For Android.

  1. Download your Tofu Girl For Android from any reliable source.
  2. It can take a few minutes to get completed.
  3. Click on the downloaded file, and it will take you to the mobile setting option.
  4. Now, a few changes are needed to get this game on your device. Allow the app installation from unknown sources.
  5. Later on, the steps are pretty simple same as other installation processes.

Steps To Install Monster Killer On PC

  1. Download Bluestacks by typing Bluestacks on any of the search engines.
  2. After downloading the application, install this application on your PC
  3. When the installation is finished, open Bluestacks by double-clicking the icon.
  4. See the Bluestacks search engine on the top and type in their “Tofu Girl Game”
  5. Click on the install tab/button and wait for few minutes for the Bluestacks emulator to install this App on your PC
  6. Now go to Bluestacks->My Apps. There you will find the “Tofu Girl Game” Icon.
  7. Press that icon and start enjoy the game.


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