Alto’s Odyssey Apk Free Download for Android (Premium)

About Alto’s Odyssey Apk

Alto's Odyssey Apk

Alto’s Odyssey Apk takes place in a hot desert where Alto arrived to see the world around the cold tundra where he grew up. For a long time, while still a child, he read legends about some incredible land, radically different from where it is dangerous to leave the house without warm clothes. The hot desert sun didn’t diminish the breeze that streams into his face, while hot sands did not reduce the ability to slide.

Now, Alto controls not a snowboard but a sandboard! The special coating of the board makes it possible to slide on the slopes of the desert and, subject to conditions, on the rock! Oh yes, this is just an incredible innovation that every player should experience. The developers didn’t change the game mechanics: you still control Alto and his friends, soaring across the endless terrain and performing various tricks. Along the way, you can collect coins, avoid different obstacles, and complete tasks, which allows you to go ahead through the levels and buy new features in-game shop.

Alto’s Odyssey Apk Description

Alto’s Odyssey Apk is the sequel to the wildly popular Alto’s Adventure, made by Snowman. Creating a quality sequel is never easy, especially on the back of a great original, but Alto’s Odyssey is one of the few sequels that was done well. The core mechanics in Alto’s Odyssey are the same as they were in Alto’s Adventure. You play the game as a sand-boarder who speeds down beautiful landscapes, doing back-flips along the way. Adventure concentrated on snowy slopes, but Odyssey takes place in drier conditions.

Rather than giving you the same experience all over again, Alto’s Odyssey Apk gives the players a much larger world to explore. For example, on your first pass through a particular scene, you’ll see rows of palm trees, and on the second trip, you may find hot air balloons instead. Thanks to this mechanic, every run-through will be unique. A few other parts of Odyssey have been refined as well. For example, instead of collecting a hover-feather, that makes you immune to crashing at the expense of speed.

A lotus flower has been put in to give you immunity without limiting your rate. Other additions that players will enjoy include a wall-riding mechanism for flair and balloons that you can bounce off of to do tricks. The new movement mechanic makes doing tricks much more accessible. Maya, the other playable character in the game, is much better at doing tricks than Alto, which is probably why most players pick her instead of Alto. You can make up for Maya’s lack of speed by doing back-flips at the right time.

Major Features of Alto’s Odyssey Apk


The controls are simple, the set of available actions is minimal, and the variety of game mechanics is practically absent. However, this doesn’t prevent the game from being one of the best arcade games in the whole world. It’s all about the endless local location, worthy of being captured in an infinite series of screenshots, each of which can be a decoration of your home screen.


You can use boosters scattered along the endless slope—for example, magnets. Having picked up such a booster, it becomes easier for you to collect coins. In addition, the lotus flower bestows protection from damage, albeit temporary. You can also buy new skills and improve boosters.


As in the previous part, you receive three more after completing three tasks in Alto’s Odyssey Apk. Therefore, you have an additional incentive to immerse yourself in the local magical atmosphere of majestic and entourage desert. But do you want to compete and play by the established rules? Then welcome to the meditative mode. It allows you to glide through amazingly colorful local locations without any restrictions like lives or an obligatory set of points.


The main feature of Alto’s Odyssey Apk, like its predecessor, is the unique atmospheric graphics. We’re not talking about ultra-detailed textures or incredible special effects on modern graphics chips. Instead, the artist’s skill allows the game to operate with relatively modest means to achieve an excellent result. In the first game, the character skied across the winter fairy-tale mountain landscapes dominated by white colors. This time, developers choose the desert, so your device screen will be in hazy orange and vibrant purple hues. Watching the sunrise in the local desert is an absolute aesthetic pleasure.


The developers also added a notable drop to the ocean of this atmosphere, without which Alto’s Odyssey Apk wouldn’t be so remarkable. The same melody plays during the playthrough in both parts of the game and doesn’t get boring.

What’s New In Alto’s Odyssey Apk?

  • Bug fixes
  • Improved audio performance.
  • Enhanced Graphics
  • Addictive gameplay
  • Responsive controls

Steps To Install Alto’s Odyssey Mod Apk

On Android

  1. Download your Ace Commando Mod Apk from any reliable source.
  2. It can take a few minutes to get completed.
  3. Click on the downloaded file, and it will take you to the mobile setting option.
  4. Now, a few changes are needed to get this game on your device. Allow the app installation from unknown sources.
  5. Later on, the steps are pretty simple same as other installation processes.

On PC or Laptop

  1. Download Bluestacks by typing Bluestacks on any of the search engines.
  2. After downloading the application, install this application on your PC
  3. When the installation is finished, open Bluestacks by double-clicking the icon.
  4. See the Bluestacks search engine on the top and type in their “Alto’s Odyssey Apk.”
  5. Click on the install tab/button and wait for few minutes for the Bluestacks emulator to install this App on your PC
  6. Now go to Bluestacks->My Apps. There you will find the “Alto’s Odyssey” Icon.
  7. Press that icon and start enjoying the game.

FAQs About Alto’s Odyssey Apk

Is it is safe to use Alto’s Odyssey?

Yes, it is a hundred percent safe from viruses, spam, and malware.

Is Alto’s Odyssey a free game?

Yes, this is free of cost to download and install Alto’s Odyssey Apk. In addition, you can play it on all stages without any cost.

Is it necessary to have a Facebook account to play Alto’s Odyssey?

No, you don’t require to have a Facebook account to play Alto’s Odyssey.


Alto’s Odyssey free download is a sequel that stays true to the elements that made the original so much fun. You might even consider it just to be the same game with prettier graphics and a few new features, but sometimes that is all that’s needed from a sequel. Other games have tried to make their sequels bigger and better and lose that spark that made them great. Moreover, this game has a photo mode. If you consider taking a screenshot inside the game and sharing it directly with someone, you need to pause and go in the desired manner.

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